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Tai Bracelets

~~Tai Bracelets~~ Stone bracelets by Tai not only have a  great price point (average retail $100), they stack effortlessly with designer and fine jewelry.  The cords are adjustable and feeling is featherlight.  Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, and Amazon are a few of the distributors.  Tai has become one of my favorite “economical stackers” as you can see from the photos above.

Carpus DiemTai Bracelets
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Italian Pinot Grigio

~~Italian Pinot Grigio~~ Over the summer I discovered Italian Pinot Grigio.   The rustic label brought back memories of Italy so I purchased the bottle.  And, it was delicious.   I went on to taste various Italian Pinot Grigio wines and was pleased.   It’s a nice, neutral wine to serve with fruit and cheese.

Carpus DiemItalian Pinot Grigio