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Schutz Jaden

Looking for a neutral sandal that is both dressy & casual, with a comfortable heel…. and decent price point?  Yes, it does exist! Check out the Jaden caged sandal by Schutz. Saks Fifth Avenue carries the Jaden in both neutral and black.   This sandal could be worn with skirts, skinny jeans, rompers and even cutoffs.   A chunky heel makes the 4 inch …

Carpus DiemSchutz Jaden
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Cool Pastel

Winter lingers but anticipating spring in a cool pastel palette.   Hermes H En Biais sweater worn with Topshop Nordstrom ecru skinny jeans. Accessories are Hermes Patchwork Horse shawl, 25cm Capucine birkin and 32mm Constance belt in Orange.   Valentino Rockstud knee boots in beige.

Carpus DiemCool Pastel
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Scarf Simple

Dressing up a casual outfit with a Hermes Maxi Twilly cut scarf. H&M feather soft  jeggings and knit turtleneck sweater. Accessories are Chanel medium vanity case in nude, Hermes Couvertures et tenues Maxi Twilly silk and Valentino Rockstud ankle boots.

Carpus DiemScarf Simple