An inviting snack

A Charcuterie is an inviting snack to present during entertaining; it usually consists of several meats and cheeses. I usually start with three cheeses.  A hard cheese (Manchego), soft cheese (goat) and a blue (Cashel). Next, a couple cured meats, Prosciutto and  Sopressata.
For a little crunch, add some Marcona almonds, Cornichons, and Castelvetrano olives. Mustard and a sweet garnish such as honey or jam make a nice accompaniment to both the meat and cheese selections. I have found Whole Food’s raspberry rose petal compote pairs quite well with a variety of cheese.  Add some crusty bread or crackers and it is complete. The rectangular slate board with rope handles is from Williams Sonoma, purchased September of this year.

Carpus DiemAn inviting snack
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    • Marina you know I can say the same for you! I really appreciate your support!