C is for cookie

‘C’ is for Cookie

‘C’ is for cookie and that’s good enough for me!  My son’s 4th birthday is this Monday, June 29th; we are having a small celebration with family over the weekend.   These cookie monster cupcakes are a fun option for a toddler boy’s party.  You will need….

  • chocolate cake mix
  • blue icing
  • coconut (with added blue food coloring)
  • large marshmallows
  • chocolate chips
  • chocolate chip cookies

Cookie monster cupcake ingredients

First, bake chocolate cupcakes as directed and let them cool.

Chocolate cupcakes

Next, generously spread blue icing on top, then roll the icing in the coconut for the “fur”.

Cookie monster boys cupcakes    Dip in coconut for fur

To make the eyes, cut each of the marshmallows in half with knife and FIRMLY press a chocolate chip in the top, non sticky side (I pushed the chocolate chip almost all the way through the marshmallow).  Place the sticky side down on the center top of the cupcake.  Refrigerate the cupcakes uncovered for 15 minutes to firm the coconut/icing mix.  To finish, press half of a chocolate chip cookie in the bottom half of the cupcake and enjoy!

Cookie monster boys birthday cupcakes

Carpus Diem‘C’ is for Cookie