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Under the Sea treats

Yesterday my daughter had a Kindergarten school party and I signed up to bring a snack.  After a bit of research I found these “Under the Sea” treats online and on Pinterest (a mother’s savior).  Prep and assembly took about 30 minutes, for 25 treats. You will need: mini bagels cream cheese blue food coloring Goldfish crackers broccoli florets (most …

Carpus DiemUnder the Sea treats
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2 degrees

~~It’s 2 degrees somewhere~~ Well, actually here! My son and I spent the morning at the conservatory warming ourselves up both physically and visually. (Just in case you don’t believe me ) Palm trees and orchids, help thaw us out a bit….      My son’s favorite, the train set up.  And “hey, where did Santa go??”        …

Carpus Diem2 degrees
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First Snow

~~First Snow~~ Yesterday we had our first real snow of winter. While I am not a big fan of cold weather, it creates another season for coats, boots, and scarves. Being chic in wintertime is a challenge, but there are some creative ways to dress up your winter accessories. I got to try out my new boot cuffs, hand knitted …

Carpus DiemFirst Snow
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Warm Drinks Cold Days

~~Warm Drinks Cold Days~~ Irish Coffee is one of my favorite weekend warm drinks for cold days   The Buena Vista cafe in San Francisco is rumored to be where Irish Coffee first gained popularity in the United States.    My husband and I visited the cafe and enjoyed an Irish Coffee before taking a sail in September of 2010. …

Carpus DiemWarm Drinks Cold Days
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Real Simple

~~Real Simple~~ Easy prep + minimal baking time = real simple!  This brie and mandarin appetizer fits the description, and is well liked by children and adults.   You will need about 1/4 cup drained mandarin wedges , 1/2 wedge of brie (use rind for more refined palates), one egg, and one puff pastry sheet. After defrosting pastry, unfold and …

Carpus DiemReal Simple
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~~Gobblers~~ It’s day three past Thanksgiving and you still have leftover turkey!   Here are some Panini recipes on how to get the most out of your remaining turkey.   I use a Hamilton Beach panini maker, it’s also great for quesadillas. Turkey Apple Panini Use Italian bread, thinly sliced Granny Smith apples, turkey, and cheddar cheese.   Prep according …

Carpus DiemGobblers
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Take a Hike

  Autumn is a beautiful time of year to take a hike.   My family and enjoy hiking at local parks to collect leaves for collages.  Crisp, fresh air and beautiful trails are good for the heart.  Here are some photos from last month during one of our excursions.   Enjoy and bundle up because winter is just around the …

Carpus DiemTake a Hike
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Italian Pinot Grigio

~~Italian Pinot Grigio~~ Over the summer I discovered Italian Pinot Grigio.   The rustic label brought back memories of Italy so I purchased the bottle.  And, it was delicious.   I went on to taste various Italian Pinot Grigio wines and was pleased.   It’s a nice, neutral wine to serve with fruit and cheese.

Carpus DiemItalian Pinot Grigio
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Berry Good Day

~~ Berry Good Day ~~ For Mother’s Day this year my husband bought me a Vitamix Bar Boss blender; and it has been one of my most used gifts.  I usually make a smoothie for breakfast after morning workouts.   And it’s transportable, even better during the morning (getting kids ready for school) hustle.  I came across layered smoothies while …

Carpus DiemBerry Good Day
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An inviting snack

A Charcuterie is an inviting snack to present during entertaining; it usually consists of several meats and cheeses. I usually start with three cheeses.  A hard cheese (Manchego), soft cheese (goat) and a blue (Cashel). Next, a couple cured meats, Prosciutto and  Sopressata. For a little crunch, add some Marcona almonds, Cornichons, and Castelvetrano olives. Mustard and a sweet garnish …

Carpus DiemAn inviting snack