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Italian Pinot Grigio

~~Italian Pinot Grigio~~ Over the summer I discovered Italian Pinot Grigio.   The rustic label brought back memories of Italy so I purchased the bottle.  And, it was delicious.   I went on to taste various Italian Pinot Grigio wines and was pleased.   It’s a nice, neutral wine to serve with fruit and cheese.

Carpus DiemItalian Pinot Grigio
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Berry Good Day

~~ Berry Good Day ~~ For Mother’s Day this year my husband bought me a Vitamix Bar Boss blender; and it has been one of my most used gifts.  I usually make a smoothie for breakfast after morning workouts.   And it’s transportable, even better during the morning (getting kids ready for school) hustle.  I came across layered smoothies while …

Carpus DiemBerry Good Day
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An inviting snack

A Charcuterie is an inviting snack to present during entertaining; it usually consists of several meats and cheeses. I usually start with three cheeses.  A hard cheese (Manchego), soft cheese (goat) and a blue (Cashel). Next, a couple cured meats, Prosciutto and  Sopressata. For a little crunch, add some Marcona almonds, Cornichons, and Castelvetrano olives. Mustard and a sweet garnish …

Carpus DiemAn inviting snack