Floral Cocktail

Floral Cocktail

Add a floral touch to  your next garden party or patio picnic.   In addition to serving with cocktails, these would also be a hit at girls’ playdate!

edible flower ice cubes

You will need:

  • Ice cube trays; smaller for edible flowers, large round/square for decoration
  • Boiled distilled water
  • Edible flowers.  Can be found at grocery store, or order from Amazon.com
  • Roses

NOTE:   Edible flowers can be added to your drink, DO NOT add store bought roses/flowers to a drink.  Store bought flowers usually have pesticides and could be harmful.

I have made floral ice cubes several times, and now have several tips.   First, always use boiled distilled water.   Tap water does not freeze as clear as distilled.   Smaller ice cube trays work better for edible flowers.

Flower ice cubes for drinks  flower ice cubes  flower ice cubes for cocktails

Put edible flowers in tray and fill with boiled distilled water HALFWAY up.   The reason for this is so the flower does not float to the top.   For decor, use store bought roses in a large square tray and fill halfway (no need to boil water first).   Wait until frozen, then fill up the rest of the tray.

flower decorative ice cubes

Crack ice cubes out of trays and separate the store bought from edible.   Then, serve to your guests and enjoy!!

Floral ice cube drink  cocktail flower ice cubes

cocktail edible flower ice cubes


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