Ice Spheres

Ice Spheres

Introducing a fun kitchen gadget called Ice Spheres.   You can find them for $9.99 at  See link….   I’m making “spa” and lemon ice spheres today along with some colored cubes for my kids.


Spa water & Lemon ice spheres

First chop your ingredients.  I used mint and cucumber for the spa cubes, and also chopped lemon for lemon flavored water.  Will definitely try strawberries this summer.

Mint and cucumber & Lemon ice spheres   Ready to fill with water

Open sphere and fill with your ingredients.   Close, fill with water and freeze.

Frozen ice spheres     Ice Spheres

Add cubes to beverage.   I used food coloring to create the colored cubes.  Kool Aid spheres are a fun and tasty option for kids.   Additionally, for the adult crowd ice spheres offer an even melt so they pair with your favorite bourbon or scotch.  Cheers!

                           Ice spheres with liquor      Scotch ice spheres

Carpus DiemIce Spheres