Louboutin pigalle follies chevron cork pumps

Lady and Louboutin

Lady Dior and Louboutin pumps make a bold pairing for today’s post.

BCBG Solie dress

BCBG Solie dress (several years old); online some bold blue options are a Chrystal  flare cut, a more fitted Gari dress, and beautiful lace detailing on Jillyan.

BCBG Blue mesh dress

Accessories are Louboutin chevron cork pigalle follies from Saks Fifth Avenue; the so kate in this pump has many sizes still in stock at Neiman Marcus.   This shoe does run true to size.   Vintage necklace, see Alexis Bittar for similar options.  Lady Dior bag in medium.

Louboutin Lady


Carpus DiemLady and Louboutin