Hermes coup de Fouet au bloc maxi twilly

Maxi Twilly Cut

This Friday’s post features the Maxi Twilly Cut, a new shorter length oblong scarf by Hermes.   Maybe even more versatile than the original Maxi Twilly, this 8″x 63″ scarf can be worn many ways from bow tied to dramatically draped.

Hermes 25cm Capucine birkin  Hermes coup de fouet au bloc

Pictured above is the Coup de Fouet au Bloc.  I chose this springtime colorway for Easter church services and to liven up office attire.   The Maxi Twilly Cut is a creative way to add elegance to any outfit, casual or dressy.   Contact Lemara at Madison Avenue for this and many other styles available in the Hermes House of Scarves.

Coup de fouet au bloc Hermes maxi twilly cut


Carpus DiemMaxi Twilly Cut