Mummies and Broomsticks

Happy Halloween!  Check out these not so sweet kids treats for your trick or treater.  Mummies and broomsticks, simple and easy for this holiday.


String cheese broomsticks are a no bake treat,  you will need:

  • string cheese
  • pretzel sticks
  • chives

First cut the string cheese in half, then use scissors to slice the ends.

halloween-broomsticks  kids-halloween-broomsticks

Then, add pretzel stick to the end and knot a chive.


Mummies are a cute and yummy hot dog treat that uses Pillsbury dough as a wrap.   Unroll the dough and slice to make wrappings.

hot-dog-mummies   halloween-hot-dog-mummies

Wrap bottom part of hot dog with a longer piece of dough, leaving room for face.    Use a shorter piece for the top portion.


Spray mummies with oil and bake at 375 for about 15 minutes.    Use a toothpick to add eyes with mustard.  Quick, and no mess with these treats!



Carpus DiemMummies and Broomsticks