Gucci metallic princetown

Princetown Brocade

Cool and comfy in Gucci Princetown slides.

Gucci princetown brocade  Gucci princetown loafers, YSL blue tote

Gucci Princetown Brocade slides are currently available at Saks Fifth Avenue, with sizing running true.   Metallic detailing and gold horsebit hardware make this sleek shoe a colorful pop to most any outfit.   I have worn these several times, including to work, and am very pleased with the support & fit not to mention the colorful design. Contact Sasha Wellen (732) 740-3614 if you are interested in a pair of Gucci Princetown slides,  Saks carries a variety of prints in this style, including this chic tiger print.

Gucci princetown brocade slides  Gucci princetown metallic brocade loafer slides


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