Fruit Skewers for kids

Snake Eyes

Since my son has a summer birthday, we celebrated at school Friday with these fun snake eyes fruit skewers and chocolate cake.

kids fruit skewers

These are super simple, a treat that needs no mixing or baking!  You will need:

  • wooden skewers
  • grapes
  • strawberries-cut the tops off
  • a small tube of icing
  • Wilton candy eyes (can be found on )

fruit skewer ideas

first, place grapes on skewers….

catepillar fruit skewers

then add strawberries; the skewer should go through the center of the strawberry.   The icing is used to attach the candy eyes, a drop is all that’s needed.   Cool for 1 hr and serve.  Fruit skewers are a fun and healthy treat for picnics and parties.

wilton candy eyes   Fruit Skewers for kids

Carpus DiemSnake Eyes