Feels almost tropicale lately, wearing some color to embrace the warm weather.

BCBG Paxton mosaic power skirt    BCBG power skirt

BCBG Pavel knit power skirt in Gardenia, also comes in navy; both items are 25% off at checkout.  The power skirt has a snug fit but also a nice amount of stretch to make it comfortable in warm temps.   H&M  3/4 sleeve chiffon blouse in orange.

Hermes craie 30cm birkin

Accessories are Hermes Macumba sandals, and 30cm Craie birkin.  Vintage Chanel necklace with turquoise accents. On the wrist, Hermes capucine hapi and jade enamel.  Sunglasses are Louis Vuitton Amber.

Louis Vuitton Amber sunglasses Hermes macumba sandals  Hermes capucine hapi, Hermes jade enamel


Carpus DiemTropicale