Holiday Brie cheese plate

Brie, Currants and Honey

‘Tis the season for entertaining!  This brie, currant, and honey cheese plate is perfect for those expected or last minute guests.   Brie, a handful of currants (in the raisin section at the grocery; look for the orange box), a couple tablespoons of honey and petite toasts are all that’s needed for a pretty presentation.

Currants and brie cheese    Brie and honey

Decorative plate currently available at Home Goods stores, golden cheese utensils available on eBay.  While my children have yet to appreciate the taste of Brie, they do enjoy the petite toast with currants & honey making this a cheese plate appeal to people all ages.

Brie and honey plate   Brie and currant cheese plate


Carpus DiemBrie, Currants and Honey