Palm Springs Mini

I can’t say enough positive things about the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini backpack, the perfect bag for the weekend warrior!

louis-vuitton-palm-springs-mini-backpack  louis-vuitton-palm-springs-mini  louis-vuitton-palm-springs

Vuitton canvas is indestructible, making this a no worries bag for travel or the active mom.   An added plus is that the Palm Springs mini can be worn as a backpack and messenger-style with adjustable straps.  And, it holds quite a lot for a small bag.   A full size wallet, sunglasses (and case), phone, sanitizer, lipstick, gum, and keys all fit comfortably inside.  Low maintenance, chic, and hands-free, can’t go wrong with this mini!

louis-vuitton-mini-palm-springs  louis-vuitton-mini-backpack louis-vuitton-palm-springs-backpack-mini


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